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“We are proud to have taken this additional step to further grow the inclusion of ESG criteria in our investment strategies and to develop our active stewardship capabilities.

We are convinced that the integration of ESG analysis into our investment processes aligns our engagement in finance with the values we hold dear. It is a key goal not only for our investment team but also for our institutional and private clients.”

Our Asset Management team Dynagest by ONE manages more than CHF 2 billion of assets.

We provide efficient and appropriate solutions to institutional, professional and private clients with a long-term investment philosophy and a proven track record

our clients

Private Clients

We collaborate with you to determine your appetite for return, tolerance for risk and time horizon for your investments. This way of tailoring your investment strategy makes sure that your assets are invested in balance with your specific needs.

Our Investment culture is built around established and experienced portfolio managers with an entrepreneurial mindset. We focus on allocating your money in the most suitable asset classes, seeking to add value over the medium to long term.

Institutional clients & Swiss Pension Funds

Fully aware of the risk control expectations, constraints and requirements you have, we deliver an investment approach exclusively based on systematic risk control.

This means working with you over a long-term horizon, pairing this exacting approach with various management techniques along with ironclad ethics and transparency, all while striving to cater to your specific characteristics.

our solutions

Portfolio Management

You choose your strategy,
we manage it for you

We partner with you to tailor your investment strategy so that your assets are invested in harmony with your goals and needs

You benefit from a multi-asset portfolio management offering based on a proprietary quantitative method: Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA), which exploits decorrelations between assets classes

Market Risk Management

Investment approach based on systematic risk control

We are a recognised player in market risk management with a dedicated approach Dynamic Exposure (DynEx), which enables us to generate asymmetrical risk/return profiles in major equity markets, investment grade bonds and currencies

Our objective is to limit downside risks while benefiting significantly from upward trends

Funds Management

Value creation is our only objective

We offer you a wide range of financial instruments with strong track record and robust methodologies

Quantitative products in the major European and US bond markets, such as our DMC World HY Corporate Bonds fund, with an exposition to international equities and bonds

Investment Advisory

We share our ideas,
you make the decisions

We support you in investing your assets based on a defined investment strategy

You receive personalised investment ideas tailored to your portfolio and objectives while enjoying access to our experts

Decisions about portfolio composition remain in your hands

Management Techniques

We developed proprietary systematic and quantitative management models designed to achieve long-term growth while mitigating downside risks associated with market volatility.

DAA - Dynamic Asset Allocation
Considering the complexity and the multidimensional aspects of the financial markets, we developed a proprietary investment process based on mathematical models and founded on three convictions: Lucidity, Robustness & Diversification
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DynEx - Dynamic Exposure
Capturing most of uptrends while limiting drawdowns. We are a renowned player in equity and currency risk overlay in Switzerland for 25 years. Our tailored solution against financial market risks presents a robust track record and an excellent behaviour during financial crisis. You benefit from our expertise in the optimisation of derivative structures
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Optimised Sampling Approach
Dynagest by ONE uses an optimised sampling approach to maximize the return on the portfolio while maintaining a very close alignment of the main risk factors of the benchmark index. This approach relies on cost-effective modern computational methods used since 2009 on the investment grade bonds universe.
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Our offering is inspired by the needs of our clients.

To create maximum added value, we focus on asset class diversification, optimal risk management and the constant expansion of our areas of expertise.

We offer you a wide range of financial instruments, including quantitative products focused on corporate bonds and global equities.

Fixed Income funds

It is a segment of the Synergie investment fund, reserved for the second pillar pension funds operating under Swiss law. This investment vehicle dedicated to high yield  corporate bonds provides access to an attractive ‘return / risk’ pairing by taking advantage of international diversification without incurring currency risk.

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It is a segment of the Synergie investment fund, reserved for the second pillar pension funds operating under Swiss law. This investment vehicle dedicated to High Yield  corporate bonds provides access to an attractive ‘return/risk’ pairing by taking advantage of international diversification without incurring currency risk.

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Our experts combine complementary skills and professional experience. They are renowned for their know-how in quantitative risk management. Their qualities are complemented by an impeccable investment ethic based on discipline, consistency and transparency.

Aymeric Converset

Head of Asset Management

Alex Kuhn

Senior Investment Specialist

Philippe Cini

Head of Market Risk Management

Marcin Brynda, PhD

Senior Quantitative Manager

François Christen

Chief Economist

David Duran

Investment Advisor

Alexandre Dürr

Portfolio Manager

Giulio Grossi, PHD

Portfolio Manager

Cécile Monges-Flammier

Portfolio Manager

Jeremy Rigolet

Portfolio Manager

Paolo Sartini

Investment Advisor



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